Preferred Vendors


Preferred Vendors

These vendors of goods and services meet a prescribed set of qualifications and standards endorsed by DOWNTOWN SOCIAL. We encourage you  to use our preferred and talented vendors, but you may choose others. Consistent with our commitment to excellence, we are happy to support the following event professionals.

Gold candlesticks and white candles with orange flowers around them on white tablecloth

Event coordinators

Girl holding a camera to her eye and taking a picture


Guy holding a camera out

Film makers

Pile of pink roses

Floral design

White wedding cake with red flowers and green leaves on it


Table set with white tablecloth, candles, silverware, glasses, and orange and brown flowers


White car at stoplight


Makeup stylist putting eye shadow on a bridesmaid

Beauty experts

Blue and white handwritten letters on a tan tablecloth with a gold shell, violet flowers, and pink ribbon on them

Stationary designers

DJs working on the soundboard

Entertainment - lighting